Otepoti Urban Organics is here to help you grow food in your own back yard. Based in Dunedin / Otepoti, we aim to provide information, skills and resources to those looking to grow food locally and in the broader Otago and Southland bioregion.

Established in 2008, our network draws upon the collective knowledge of local gardeners who have been growing food, building soil, saving seeds, and experimenting with gardening techniques around the region for many years.

Through this website you can find some of the many ways we aim to help.

We have created an online Gardening Guide, which gives tips and information that is specifically tailored to our unique climate and based off of real world experience. This guide is continually evolving and being built upon and improved, and we welcome any suggestions for content that we can add, or any stories you have to share about your own experiences in gardening in the South.

We run a Seed exchange

Workshops and events

Community Networking








We have established a seed savers network in Dunedin, whereby we collect and distribute seeds from open pollinated and heirloom vegetable varieties suited to growing in Otago and Southland. The network is run by voulnteers and we rely on you – local gardeners – to continue to save seeds and donate them back to the network to keep the seed stocks strong.

Listing of contacts who may be useful in your gardening endeavors. From places to aquire seeds, soil, and other gardening resources, to experts you can turn to for advice, to project coordinators who are behind various interesting grass roots initiatives in our fine city, etc.

Contact person is Bart Acres. He can be reached at otepoti.urban.organics@gmail.com